Through His Bible, God allows us to learn about much about Him and His ways.  He also provides us with wise guidance for life.  We have included this page for anyone who has questions about God, who needs faith, who needs hope, or who needs love.  We hope it is an encouragement to you and more than anything else points you to God and the love He has shown us all through His son Jesus Christ and His Holy SpiritTo God be the glory!

What is Easter All About?

For believers, each year, Easter Sunday is a very special images[10]day.  It is Jesus’ Resurrection Day. We celebrate His life, death, and resurrection! Click here to learn more.

The web site provides Biblical responses to many of the issues all of mankind faces.  We have included this link to provide Biblical answers to common real life questions many of us have had or have and to provide encouragement when life is difficult!  Check it out by Clicking Here.

Click Here to access GodSpeaks’ Q&A booklet. Great list of questions and Biblical responses!